Friday, 3 June 2011

Hi Yall!

I unna taulk the way they all taulk daun here.  :p
all riight, so day call it `tiiight, when somtin it cool, or really awesome, yknow. 
So dees piiictures are reeel tiiight, ya`ll.

Im guuna be postin more information on what is going on up here on the day to day.


I`using the boiler rooms internet, and for some reason my commas arent working properly.  It is the weird American commas, I guess.  They dont know what a toque is! yall!!  wow.

Anyway, we are making good friends with the neighbours already, they are christians, with a large family of 5 or 6 kids.  Almost all the people in the internship are musicians... and theyre a great bunch of people!

Il type more later... will post some pics now.


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  2. Oh no!! You're picking up the accent already! I knew it - you're gonna come back sounding completely different!!

    Those pictures ARE 'tiiiiiight'! (love the airplane one :D)

    Can't wait to here more!

  3. Yay! We got some pictures. So excited to see everyone. Can we get a picture of you? Everybody is fine hear. Real tight. Y'all come back now y'hear (by Daddy).
    Did you hear about the phone cards? Rick says they're really cheap. $10-20 can take care of all your phone calls. (HINT) You can get then at the local stores. Ask Myles, he mentioned them when you first called.

  4. Nice pictures! Beautiful airplane shot (I like the deer touch), great shots of the group. I like the rooftop one. Good composition.

  5. Marshall messed with my gmail account and changed it to his name (jerk), this is actually Kelsey.

    NOOOO DON'T DO IT! Stay strong...stay Canadian...

    Love the pictures! esp. the brick wall one (but where are YOU?).


  6. will love reading this...

  7. It's wonderful to see you doing great! It's so cool to see where you are staying and all. Yes, I've been snooping around your Facebook page too... ;~) The blog is looking very "tight" and I look forward to regular posts, in between everything else you're doing, of course. Have fun!!!