Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Oneness & Inner Healing

Hi one and all!

God is doing some awesome stuff, in me and in the other people, and as a group as a whole. As God's people, we are all intended for community and oneness, and it is a totally new and awesome feeling for me to experience this sense of oneness and a kind of wholeness in being together, on the same game-plan, and share similar passions, and love for GOD and people!

Y'know that in Acts 11:26, (this verse only shows the whole year thing in some translations. It is accurate because it is in the Hebrew translation) the apostles and other Christians got together and communed for A YEAR in one of the passages that we were reading!! A YEAR! Just hanging out with God and each other! And other stories of how people as Christ-followers hanging out with each other seeking God, and finding Him, and KNOWING Him, and moving to totally OTHER places from that! It is like the body of Christ HAS to move from that place of oneness. Y'know?
Like that verse that says, about “How can the hand (or whatever body part) move, without the rest of the body knowing?” No, the body is 100% CONNECTED!!! It is ONE.
Before God created earth, and all that is in it, it all began with a PERFECT communing relationship between God the father, the son, and the spirit. And that was good. And then OUT of that he made the earth and all that is in it, and had a RELATIONSHIP with Adam and Eve and all that. He even made Eve for Adam because He said that it was not good for Adam to be alone, he created Eve to be in a relationship with Adam!
And so it all stems out of relationships and His love, and that love given to mankind. Y'know where I'm getting at? Y'know what I mean? So, God INTENDED us as Christ-followers, to be in RELATIONSHIPS. With Him and His people! I don't know how more simply I can put this.

It is actually quite simple and obvious, but I don't really think that many people understand it. Or the extent to what I am trying to say here. I mean REAL relationships. Like the kind where you live together, as much as able/possible, and you know and share deep things, or struggles in your life with trusted and wise Christ-followers. A community of people who you dig deep into the Holy Spirit, and the Bible, and the Hebrew, and God's divine words of empowerment and wisdom spoken through His people, His Bible, nature and His revelation.

Picture: His people crying, dancing, laughing, healing, sharing, loving, hugging, and blessing and LIVING LIFE all in, and through Him. That is what I'm talking about.

  • Some people think they pretty much have most of all that
  • Some say that they don't really like, or need that.
  • Some say that they'd love to have more of that, but that it isn't really possible to have all of that community,
  • or that they can just have some, and make do.

Well I'm telling you that you CAN have all of that, and moreover, you were, and ARE MEANT to have all of that community love in your life!

Of course we all have sin and brokenness in our lives, and we may find it uncomfortable to know someone closely and stuff, but that's the whole point: God is not limited by our brokenness! He makes all things new! And He wants to enter in and show us how, and where we need to let Him in, and heal.

Today we were learning from Jean, one of the teachers about how we ALL have different levels and aspects of brokenness, and why, and how to deal with it. It was a really revealing, and intense time.
We all need healing somewhere in ourselves. And we all carry around some kind of brokenness. Mostly from how we ourselves were raised as children, because no parent is perfect.

And then, we learned that we can help other people find healing by laying hands on them and praying for them. Jean gave us some really good practical tips on HOW to pray for people, and stuff. Some people need to spend more time with God personally, and experience His love in a private God time. Whereas some people really need to get prayed for by other people so that the healing can happen, but there were some key things that we learned about HOW to pray for these certain Core Needs.

There are two basic categories called our 'Core Needs', and if we DON'T get these while growing up, this is where major aspects of our brokenness stems from.

Core Needs:
  1. Our Sense of Being
    - safe and secure environment
    - connection and belonging
    - unconditional love and acceptance
    - basic care and nurture

  1. Our Sense of WELL Being
    - constant reinforcement of personal worth
    - repeated messages of value, uniqueness, and specialness
    - encouragement to grow and develop personal gifts and talents
    - pathway to fellowship with God
    - feeling needed and useful

And then Jean went into this whole thing where she explained that we all have these different outcomes, behaviours and 'dysfunctions' in our lives, and how we live and deal with things.

There were a set of five different systems of how people build themselves, and how they operate out of their original dysfunctions. And the dysfunctions all stem out of the above Core Needs that haven't been originally met. I found myself mostly in one category or system of dysfunction, and also a little bit in another one.

A summary of the five systems of function or dysfunction:
  1. “You Tell Me” – where the person needs/wants others to always tell em what to do etc.
  2. “Fix Me” – a person who expects others to fix them regularly
  3. “I Need You to Love Me” – they will do anything to have people love themselves
  4. “Stay Out” – where the person shuts everyone out
  5. “Nobody Home” - loose their identity and self focus and only want to please others.

We were able to spend some alone time with God to simply discover where our own personal dysfunction is, and at the same time know WHY it is that way. For instance, some of what I had was a mixture of being too closed off to others and keeping myself at a safe distance away from people, while still maintaining a good front. And this stemmed from a lacking in some of the Core Needs listed above. That is just a piece of what I learned about myself, and all of what I'm learning!! Wow! And these blog posts are SO long!!

Just to let you know, we also learned about Hebrew meanings of things, and the Hebrew worldview. Maybe I'll post more of that later. Thanks for reading! Hope you can understand what I'm trying to say. If you have any questions, PLEASE ask me!

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