Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dorothy's in Kansas City!

Well everyone, I've made it so far.  Three hours on an airplane was quite the experience for me!  Especially considering the fact that I've never flown on one before.
I've taken some awesome pics of the trip so far.  I'll be getting a whole bunch of pics on here soon. As soon as I figure out how to get internet on 'Ubuntu', Linux.

If anyone's got tips, PLEASE lemme know!

Currently, I have met 3 of the leaders for this internship program.  They all live in a house that is a 2 minute walk away from mine.  There are going to be some of the other interns arriving tonight at around 8 or 9, (6 0r 7, BC time).  And tomorrow at around 2, (12:00, BC time), all of the other interns are going to be arriving, and we are going to have the official meeting then.  I've got a nice room, which I will be sharing with another girl starting tomorrow.

There are some people living at the leader's house that seem to have been here for quite a while.  They seem to be really 'Kansas City-ish'.  They've got all the slang and accents and stuff.  Anyway, continue to pray for my safety.  It's been pretty good so far, and the people are good (only the few I've met), but again, it's a inner city neighbourhood, so ya.  All the prayer is AWESOME!

Myles, Lindsay, and Megan are good leaders *so far* Myles is doing his best to get the inter's house all furnished and ready!  He's constantly on the phone making sure that everything's sorted out.

I'll keep you posted on what's up, and *hopefully* get my comp working!

As soon as my comp is up and running, I'll get a whole pile of pics on here!


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  1. Betsy! Thanks for the update!!! Glad to hear that you didn't get mugged yet. Can't wait to see pictures. HOW WAS YOUR FIRST PLANE RIDE??????!!!!!!!! I still want to hear all about it. Did you feel weird way up there in the sky? Did they give you any weird-tasting cloud food? :P