Sunday, 5 June 2011

My First Day (and a little after)

Bless you ALL, and thank you for taking TIME to read and look at this!  May the power and blessings of God fall upon you and raise you up in His glory, and I encourage you to rise up and share what you know to the people around you, to share the light of God and not hide it!

I met Myles Hamby our main leader, we call Papa for fun, and Lindsay and Megan the other team leaders.  I saw Myles do two really awesome things today (May 31st):

1)  So there are two houses about three minute walk away from each other, and the team leaders and some other renters live in one house, and the interns live in the other.  Myles will be moving in with us here at the intern house soon.

Anyway, we (Megan, Lindsay and I) were at the leader house and Myles left to the intern house, to let a man come and check and connect the gas in our house.  Afterwards, Myles came back and had this whole story about he started talking with this man.  He said he was divorced, single parent, and some other stuff.  And Myles prayed for him too!  And also invited him over for a barbeque tomorrow.

2)  As we were all walking into the door of the intern house, Myles ran out to some neighbour kids, who were playing some games in their front yard.  And he started talking with them, and made friends with them right away!  And we are friends with these neighbours still today (5 days later)!  The neighbours have Christian influences, and call themselves Christian, but I'm not really sure about how MUCH they do know about God and stuff... so we are always inviting them to come over and just hang out, and we are going to their house to hang out too.   

Jetavias is the oldest kid that comes over, he's 14, and he's a really neat kid.  His parents and their kids and grandmas were all there the other day when we went over to just hang out on the porch.  They also came to a Christian rap concert that my rommate put on yesterday night.  That was a GOOD event!  

GPC, Christian rap group, and my roommates!

Please pray for:

  • Safety when we go out anywhere, especially on outreaches and walks
  • People's hearts to be open to God
  • UNITY within our team
  • Everyone on our team to open up and let the light of God shine through them in any way possible
  • The spiritual warfare that we will face more and more - basically stand with us in this battle
  • Our team to grow strong together
  • Our team to let go of hindering/our ways of thinking, and gain Christ's understanding
  • Jetavias (pronounced: je-TAVE-ee-aas), and his family to come to know God in a real, and personal way.
  • Our team leaders to know how best to teach us and lead us
  • Last but not least, please pray for my COMPUTER to connect to the internet!! Or somehow for me or someone else to figure it out!  
Thanks!!!!!!!!  A lot of the time we are walking by faith, and trusting in prayers, and God! We ALL really appreciate ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!  

We prayed and had a meeting about our house, and we found out from someone that the name of the street we're on is called 'Troost" which apparently means 'Spirit of God', in Dutch!!  So we named our house, 'House of Troost'.  Here is a link to where I live on google maps. House of Troost  Our house is the greyish one on the right, we're right next to a conveniece store, and a busy intersection.  

I have posted a lot of pictures on facebook, so if you don't have me on there, then please add me! My facebook name is, Sascha Neufeld. Not too hard.  I will try to post pictures on here, but there won't be that many. 

I will be getting internet at our house this Tuesday, so I can't wait till then!!

Jetavias (doing the peace sign), and his friend.

The team!

View from our front door.

Myles and Lindsay, team leaders.

Meghan, team leader.

Tray, my housemate, LOVES to do the dishes!
He is an AWESOME rapper too!

Rosalind, and My room.
My housemates, Justine, Morgan, and Krystal in front of our house.


  1. Love it, Sascha! Will be praying for those things.

    I love how you guys are right away going out and hanging out with people and getting people to come over. You're building community right from the start. so cool!

    And also, it's really neat about how your street is named Troost!! (Yay for dutch and the holy spirit!! :D)


  2. Sascha Neufeld7 June 2011 at 22:14

    :D Thanks zoe. I really appreciate your comment, and prayers!!!!! We are learning A LOT i tell you! I hope to keep it and bring it back! Yahweh be praised. Had a lot of SUPER good worship, prayer and REALLY REALLY MAJORLY basking in His presence, and blessing and praying for eachother. Wow. I am feeling pretty good right now. Still got to remember to always focus on Him, and keep on His track. We learned about how righteousness actually means right-relating with God. So that means like, if we are in a good and right relationship with HIM! It is a really amazing revalation. I may have to explain more later...