Tuesday, 24 May 2011

First Step Down the Yellow Brick Road

Welcome to my blog!  I will be posting all the updates for this trip to Kansas City!

I am leaving on May 31st, which is just around the corner!  I really appreciate everyone's prayer and support as I go out on this trip.  I am trusting God and praying as much as possible right now, as I am excited, as well as nervous.  I have never been on a plane before, so this is going to be 'something else' for me!  :D

I am still looking to raise enough finances.  I still must raise $453.  That's 2/3 of the way there!  YAY!  Praise God for His provision!!  Thank you Jesus, and all of you who gave willingly.  God bless you, and I know He will!!  

I'll keep you posted, as I travel down this 'yellow brick road' into Kansas City!

I've posted a map below showing where Kansas City is.


  1. I have total faith in you and in our Heavenly Father that He will care for you and keep you safe. You will be learning so much! You'll be a different person when you return! :~) Remember, always trust your gut instincts if something doesn't feel right... and don't be afraid to be impolite. Yes, that's right... impolite. As women, we are often trained to be polite no matter what and not speak up if something feels wrong. Rather than "offend", we may put ourselves in danger. So, if the situation calls for it, be "impolite"! Having said all that, though, I know you will be fine. Have fun! Enjoy your flight! Enjoy the missional work you will be doing there! It's *so* exciting!!!

  2. Oh, Thank you Marina! I will keep your advice, and stay on guard, and be RUDE if I have to! :D I appreciate your prayers, and all your support!

  3. Hello Sascha are you off the plain yet?
    Did you get the message on your laptop about how your laptop was awesome and saying bye to you?
    Have fun!!