Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I'm Back In Canada!

Yes, t'is true... I've got some awesome pics to show y'all! Sorry I'm late at getting this posted (I actually got here on Aug 7th), but just to update you all, that I'm back in my hometown now.  Who knows how long, and what for, but I'm here.  God still has interesting and unheard of plans for me, I know that.  And I will definitely NEVER be the same! And I'll never forget the people, and the valuable things that I've learned while in KC!

Lindsay, Meghan, and Me!

Tommy, Khrystal, Tre, and Rosalind

Beca watching some kids

Tommy and Morgan... hilarious...

Rosalind, Khrystal, and Ben at one of our chill times with God!

Neighbours, Birdy and G'Tavius with Khrystal!

Neighbours, Birdy, and G'Tavius with me.

Kyleisha, sister to Birdy and G'Tavius, with Rosalind.

Claudia, George, and Kyleisha - awesome family.

Birdy holding Baba and Angel. Birdy and I would take them out while I babysat them.

Me, Baba and Angel SWIMMING! When I took them the first few times, they were quite scared of the water, later, they began to LOVE it!

I'm definitely missing all the people in KC!!!  :( :(  Thinking back on it right now, I don't think I ever knew how much I could learn from other people, just by living, really living with them!!  I learned *SO* much, I'm still realizing the things I've learned here and there, even NOW! 

In the KC Internship (with Student Church, the Boiler Room and Lindsay and Myles, and Erik Fish), we interns and leaders all agreed that this internship/summer was called ‘The Summer of Love’.  That phrase really took root as something that entitles all of what God did in that summer.  We had a discussion on this once, and we all explained on how it was a summer of love for each of us, and we all had very different expressions of how it was a summer of love for us.  Some of what we said overlapped, but everyone had completely different things to say. That in itself is interesting, because it shows that God’s Love is really big, and goes to every part of us, and comes to us at any point in our lives.  That was really obvious! Cause we were all at different parts of our lives!!  Some of us were at similar spots, ie; we were seeking God as to what He has for us reaching our campus, and starting that anew. But still, we were all on different places in our lives.  It's hard to explain what I mean by that, but I hope you understand.

So it was a Summer of Love.  An overview of what that looks like: Lots of time spent on just soaking in the presence of God. 

Who: With just us interns, with the neighbours, with a whole bunch of people, at a 'Benjamin Dunn and Friends' concert, at IHOP ('International House of Prayer' rooms), and in solitude by ourselves.

What: The Love of God is intense y'all! It comes and overflows and fills you up, yo! You gotta feel it to know it. To quote a whole pile of people who agree: It's "better than any drug" - Family Force 5, 'Love Addict', Switchfoot, 'Mess of Me' and Benjamin Dunn, 'You Are Better' and to say it myself, t'is better than anything I've ever known.

How: We did this by having times of quiet, no talking, and just listening to God, and chilling with Him (together with people or not), playing our own music, listening to music, rocking out to music, dancing and jumping.

Where & When: ANYWHERE and ANYTIME - that it's appropriate, that is.

Benjamin Dunn concert at the Boiler Room, KC
Benjamin Dunn (in striped shirt) and friends - they came out to the middle of the room, involving us all, they totally jammed out with just a few instruments.

Below: Benjamin Dunn and Friends 'Melody of Salvation', and a video explaining their music. 

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