Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Reflections of Walking in Right-Relating

God's Holy Spirit is WAAY more powerful than I ever knew!  HE can really lead, and teach SO much! And He heals and helps people that you'd never imagine. But where does it all stem from?

We've been practicing and learning how to simply fall into His ways.  That's all it is! FALLING.  You know that term 'falling in love', well, that is what is LITERALLY happening with us, and God!  He IS love, after all.  And the idea of FALLING.  If God's love is a river, we simply have to fall into it.  And that's our life.

FALLING into God's river of love. Just letting go, and falling into Him, and His ways (this pic is not of anyone I know, by the way).

 Just falling back into His ways.  His ways are like a path... a continual path of good standing with God.  Oh, and falling in that love, and being in that river or that path, is righteousness.  It is not contingent on what we do, or don't do, or think etc... it just is.  God just is.

A friend of mine, Tommy, said he just had an awesome revelation about this.  He said he was listening to a dude, Joseph Prince, talk about how we usually talk about trying to achieve completeness, and perfection, and that is the whole point of the path: to get to the goal of completeness.

HOWEVER!: This dude was saying, "No!" this is NOT how it works!  It works like this: We are already made complete and whole in Christ, THEN we move forward IN that completeness!!  WOW!

And we've been learning about that in other ways too, but this one is the most recent explanation.

There's another explanation too, on one of my earlier blog posts. It's talking about what the word 'righteousness' means in Hebrew, and how that applies to our lives.  << AWESOMENESS!!!!!

I think the hardest part about walking in 'right-relating', is the regular mundane, everyday stuff that goes on in our lives. And the thing is, how do we walk in right-relating with God as much as possible, even in the mundane times. And in every area of our lives.
This ties into what we just learned the other day about the Hebrew worldview, vs. The Greek worldview (ours). (There is more on this on one of my previous posts.)

In the Greek worldview, we separate spirituality from regular life stuff. We only see God in everything around us when it comes down to the fact that He created it. Whereas in the Hebrew worldview, God's presence is seen in everything, all the time, and ACTIVELY working. 

For example, the chair that you are sitting on is viewed as something that is constantly pushing you upwards, and holding you up. It is actively a chair. And it is only that way because God is, right now, willing it to be that way. So God is constantly willing, and choosing, and making things to happen as we see them. Even inanimate objects. 

God is always there, always. He is in all, through all, and is all. He is also Himself. He is. And it might sound kind of complicated, but it's really quite simple: God literally holds everything together, all the time!!

We just have to realize it, and step into the river. Step into His path. Or, as I was saying earlier: FALL into His love! FALL in LOVE with God!!! :) After all, 'He Is'.

That's just a tidbit for you.

This was a short blog post for once! :D

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  1. Sascha, I love how you describe this so simple, with passion and hope in your own words. There is a child-like abandonment to this. Trust every moment of the day.
    love, je moeder.

  2. I love the falling concept!!!!! So incredible!
    ...moving in that completeness with Christ. Falling in that completeness So true that the goal isn't to become BETTER but to become DEEPER in his love. Falling in his presence.... then our betterment comes BECAUSE of that!!! :D

    thanks for sharing Betsy!!! :D

  3. Thanks people! Ask questions if you like! :D God is GOOD! It is pretty simple, y'know... And He loves y'all!!! :D